Robin Minard has begun work on a new radio composition about Mongolia commissioned by WDR3 Cologne and Deutschlandfunk Berlin with the added support of the Prix Giuseppe Englert (Paris).
Photos: B. Jamiyansuren, R. Minard
The installation Rosace (2017), originally created for the solo exhibition Robin Minard – Works with Sound at the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, was purchased by the „Friends of the Museum“. The installation will be permanently installed at a date yet to be determined. 
Photo: H.-W. Kunze, © Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

Ongoing Installations

Long Lost Bells / Verlorene Glocken (since 2019). Permanent installation for the sculpture park of the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg with 2 steel plates, 2-channel audio and a composition made from recordings of bells permanently damaged during air raids on Magdeburg in World War II. Daily on the hour from 11.00 to 22.00 o’clock. Photo: H.-W. Kunze, © Kunstmuseum Magdeburg
Silent Music (since 2002). Permanent installation with 3 columns, 150 piezo loudspeakers and 3-channel audio. Kulturpark Mariposa, Arona, Tenerife. Viewing on appointment. Photo: F. Schubert
Silent Music (since 2013). Permanent installation with glass panel, ca. 200 piezo loudspeakers and 4-channel audio. Ten Drum Cultural Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Realized as part of the Ten Drum Artist-in-Residence Project 2013. Photo: R. Minard
Der Jerusalemsaal (since 2005). Permanent installation with 23-channel audio and 1-channel synchronized light for the Jerusalemsaal of the Burgmuseum Ziezar, Brandenburg. Realized in collaboration with the Fachhochschule Potsdam. Photo: © Burgmuseum Ziesar


Kayapó – The Crying Chieftain Raoni (2019). Radio composition 49’00. Commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur Berlin for the programme Klangkunst and by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR3) Cologne for the programme Open Sounds. Photo: R. Minard. (Scroll down for English version)