Selected Presentations


  • Museo de Arte, Santa Marta, Colombia. Sueños de rana / 27.10.2022-28.01.2023 (I)
  • Bauhaus-Museum, Kunstfest Weimar. Resonanz (for piano, percussion and stereo fixed media) within the concert “Klangtransformationen: Übersetzung der Welten” / 09.09.2022 (Co) 
  • Lichthaus Kino, Kunstfest Weimar. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map and Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni. Cinema presentation with blackscreen and German subtitles / 02.09.2022 (Co) 
  • Museum Koenig, Bonn. Chundua — Froschträume / 31.08.2022-29.01.2023 (I) 
  • Sonic Matter, Radiophonic Mondays, Zurich. Internet broadcast. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map and Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni / 04.04.2022 (R) 
  • Ears have Eyes, Internet broadcast and Sound Art radio program on CJSW, 90.9 FM, Calgary. Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni (10 min. excerpt) / 09.03.2022 (R)


  • Weimarer Frühjahrstage. Ein Anderes Buch der Räume / Another Book of Spaces. 08.09.2020. (Co)
  • Geräuschkulisse, Hörspiel Festival, Leipzig. Kayapó — The Crying Cheiftain Raoni. 09.07.2020. (Co) 
  • D-Museum, Seoul, South Korea. Climate Change (Blue). Within the exhibition SounDmusuem. 25.03. to 27.09.2020. (I) 
  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur Berlin. Broadcast of Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni on the program Klangkunst. 17.04.2020 (R)
  • Hochschule für Musik Dresden. Ein Anderes Buch der Räume / Another Book of Spaces. 29.01.2020. (Co)


  • Beethovenfest, Bonn. Bedrohte Klanglandschaften / Endangered Soundscapes / 01.-24.09.2023 (I)
  • Commission from Deutschlandfunk Kultur Berlin and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR3) Cologne for the radio composition The Mongolia Diary (working title). Based on field recordings made in Mongolia in May and October 2023. (Coming soon) (R)





  • Qikiqtaaluk for Wilson (2014) released on the CD “Wendepunkt” by the German Society for Electroacoustic Music (Degem) / 10.2021
  • ZKM Karlsruhe. Qikiqtaaluk for Wilson. 8-channel concert presentation within the annual meeting of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music (Degem). 29.10.2021 (Co)
  • Radio UEL FM, Londrina, Brazil. Kayapó – O Choro do Chefe Raoní (Portuguese translation of Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni). Multiple broadcasts over radio and Internet. Portuguese translation and narration by Janete el Haouli. 09.2021. (R)
  • Les Yeux Grand Fermés – Festival d’art sonore et radiophonique, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map / 29.05.2021. (Co)





  • Cinéma Spoutnik, Geneva. Cinema presentation of The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map and Kayapó — The Crying Cheiftain Raoni (with black screen and French subtitles). 15.12. 2019. (Co)
  • Kontakte Festival, Akademie der Künste Berlin. Kayapó (installation based on the radio composition Kayapó — The Crying Chieftain Raoni). 26-29.09. 2019. (I)
  • Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts Seoul (SoSSAS), Seoul, South Korea. Keynote speaker and presentation of the works The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map and The Book of Spaces. 06-08.09.2019. (Co)
  • Premiere radio broadcasts of Kayapó – The Crying Chieftain Raoni. Deutschlandfunk Kultur Berlin on the program Klangkunst (German version) 10.05. 2019 / WDR3 Cologne on the program Open Sounds. 13.07. 2019 (English version) (R)
  • Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg, Germany. Long Lost Bells / Verlorene Glocken. Permanent public sound installation. Opening 11.05. 2019. (Ic)
  • Bauhaus Museum Weimar. Rosace Contained / Released. Installation for the opening of the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. Exhibition 05.04. to 06.09. 2019 (I)
  • Weimar City Festival on the occasion of 100 years Bauhaus. Nachklang Sounds of the Buchenwald bell played from the Gauforum tower 3 times daily for 2 weeks from 01.04.2019 (I)
  • Klangraum Krems, Austria. Silent Music (Krems). 29.03. to 22.04. 2019 (I)
  • Impuls Festival, Graz, Austria. Sound installation workshop ALMAT with public installation. In collaboration with Hanns Holger Rutz und David Pirrò. 11-21.02.2019 (I)
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Kultur (SRF) 03.04.2019 / Deutschlandfunk Berlin 04.01.2019, broadcasts of The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map. (R)


  • Commission from Deutschlandfunk Kultur Berlin and die Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR3) Cologne for the radio composition Kayapó – The Crying Chieftain Raoni. Involving field recordings in the Brazilian rain forest and at indigenous protests in Brasilia. (R)




  • Festival ByPass, Espace JOB, Toulouse, France. The Book of Spaces (Co).
  • Temple Saint-Étienne, Mulhouse, France. Sutra II from The Book of Spaces (Co).
  • 15th Pyramide Festival, Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map (Co).
  • Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg, Germany. Group exhibition. Long Lost Bells (prototype for a permanent installation) (I).
  • Sächsische Akademie der Künste, Dresden, Germany. Within the group exhibition „Building New Realities“. Audio Books, à voir en silence, à lire en silence, The Rende Soundwalk (E).


  • Whanki Museum, Seoul, South Korea. Within the group exhibition „Whanki Wave“. SIlent Music, River Dream, Silence (Blue), à voir en silence, Rosace, (Ec)
  • Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin / WDR3 Cologne. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map (R)
  • Canadian Embassy, Berlin. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map (Co)
  • MuseumsQuartier, Vienna within “Cables Everywhere”Audio Books (E) 
  • Ten Drum Clutural Park, Kaoshung, Taiwan. Silent Music (I) (permanent)


  • Arte Fiera 2012, Bologna, Italy. Silent Music (E)
  • ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany within the exhibition “Sound Art, Sound as a Medium of Art” (E)


  • Sounding-D, Netzwerk Neue Musik Berlin. German-wide exhibitions (15 cities). The German Soundmap (Internet), Outside In (Blue) (I)
  • Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, Turku, Finland. Silent Music, Nature Morte (Ec)
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum within the exhibition Mobilité, Sons et Formes organized by Grame, Lyon. 05.06-15.08.2010, Silent Music (Ec) 


  • Arthur Rubenstein Philharmonic Building, Lodz, Poland. Silent Music (I)
  • OBORO, Montréal / Gallery 345, Toronto. Solo exhibition „Sounds on Paper“. Silent Music, Audio Books, à lire en silence, à voir en silence, Nature Morte. (E)
  • Montreal Planetarium / Isabel Bader Theater, Toronto. Solo concert. „qu’il m’en souvienne…“, The Book of Spaces, Diary for S. (Co) 




  • Museo MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico. Silent Music (I)
  • Sonambiente Festival, Berlin. à voir en silence (E)
  • Total Museum & Gallery 27, Seoul, South Korea. à lire en silence, à voir en silence (E)
  • Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Festival / Project 3, Adelaide, Australia. Silent Music (I)
  • Museo Tamayo, Mexico City. Silent Music, Outside In (Ic)
  • World Music Days, Stuttgart. 4 Räume (Co/I) 





  • Centre Pompidou, Paris within the group exhibition „Écoute“. Silent Music (E)
  • Hotel Novotel Lille within the festival Audioframes. Chambre 108 (bleu) (I)


  • Mariposa/Artlantis, Teneriffa. Silent Music (I) (permanent
  • Festival Inventionen, Berlin / Festival Résonances, IRCAM, Paris. SoundBits (I) 


  • Galerie BF-15, Lyon. Silent Music (I)
  • The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh. Silence (Blue), StillLife (Ic) 
  • Bunkier Sztuki Museum, Cracow, Poland. High Frequency Fields (I) 



  • Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. Still/Life (I)
  • Centre des Nouveaux Médias, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris. Silent Music, Still/Life (I)
  • Inventionen ’98, Berlin / Stockholm Electronic Music Festival, Riddarholmskykan, Stockholm. 4 Räume (C/I)


  • Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven. Silent Music, Still/Life (I) 
  • Interferenz 2, Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg. Brunnen, Still/Life (Ic)
  • Steiermärkisches Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz. Within the exhibition „Zwischen Himmel und Erde“. Neptun (Ic)
  • daadgalerie, Berlin. Solo Exhibition. Silent Music, Still/Life, Horizont (Ic)
  • Gallery MUU, Helsinki. Silent Music (I)
  • Warsaw Autumn Festival, Warsaw. Resonanz (Co)
  • Galerie Rähnitzgasse, Dresden. Art Drains (under the earlier title Underground Music) (I)
  • Villa de Pisa, Olevano Romano, Italy. Room with a View (I)







  • Inventionen ’94, Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Expansion (Co)
  • Landesgartenschau Paderborn, Forum und Museum für Informationstechnik, Schloß Neuhaus. Klangweg (I)
  • Aspekte Salzburg, Mozarteum, Salzburg. Brunnen (under the earlier title SoundTides) (I)
  • Alte Schmiede, Wien. Silent Music (I)
  • Mutiple Sounds II, Helpoort, Maastricht. Silent Music (I)
  • Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. Resonanz (Co)


  • Taegu Contemporary Music Festival, Korea. „qu’il m’en souvienne…” (Co)
  • Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. “qu’il m’en souvienne…”, Ré (Co)
  • Parochialkirche Berlin, Kunst in Parochial, Parochialkirche Berlin. Stationen (Ic)
  • Schreyahner Herbst, Künstlerhof Schreyahn. “qu’il m’en souvienne…”, Ré, Naissances (Co)


  • College d’Espagne, Paris. „qu’il m’en souvienne…“ (Co)
  • New Music America, Montreal Subway System. 68 Kilomètres de Musique (I)


  • Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Weserburg, Bremen within the group exhibition „Klanginstallationen“. Music for Passageways (Ic)
  • Hauptgebäude der Technischen Universität Berlin. Music for Walking Under, Music for Passageways. (I)


  • Foyer du Grand Salon, Hôtel Meridien Montréal / Galerie Tangente, Montréal within the series „Musique à Tongente“. Music for Environmental Sound Diffusion (I)


  • Philharmonie Luxembourg, for the Rainy Days Festival. On and Between. (Ic)
  • Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg, Germany. „Works with Sound“ (solo exhibition). Silent Music, Brunnen, Rosace, Audio Books, River Dream, Silence (Blue) / Music for Quiet Spaces, 4 video documentations. (Ec)
  • Calit2 Gallery, Califormia Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UCSD San Diego, USA. Silent Music, Nature Morte, 4 video documentations. (E/I)


  • Instalakcje 4 Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. Silent Music (I)
  • Kulturfonds RheinMain, Frankfurt. The Phrix Soundwalk (I) 
  • Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Witten. Geschichtsbaum (I)
  • Ten Drum Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan. The Rende Soundwalk (I)




  • Institut für Musik und Musikerziehung, Darmstadt. Workshop and public site-specific installation. (I)
  • Galerie Belvedere, Vienna within the exhibition “Dekadenz – Positionen des österreichischen Symbolismus”. Silent Music (I)
  • Relevante Musik, Berlin. The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map Part I (Co)



  • Freiraum Quartier 21, Vienna within “Tonspur expanded”. à lire en silence, à voir en silence (E)
  • European Capital of Culture, Turku, Finland. Silence (Blue) (I)
  • Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin.  Silent Music, Glacial Streams, à lire en silence, à voir en silence (E) 


  • Museum Biedermann within the Donaueschinger Musiktage, Donaueschingen. Spiegelung (Blau) (I)
  • Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin. Listening to Australia (R)


  • Literaturwerkstatt, epoesie Festival, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. Full Circle (C)
  • Wasserspeicher, Berlin. Vice Versa, with Ludger Hennig, Hanns Holger Rutz, Robert Rehnig) (I) 



  • Burgmuseum Ziesar, Brandenburg. Der Jerusalemsaal (I) (permanent)
  • Festival Inventionen, Berlin. The Book of Spaces (Co)
  • Turning Sounds Festival, Warsaw. Silent Music, Brunnen (I) 


  • Galerie Voxxx, Chemnitz. Silence (Blue) (I)
  • Ultraschall Festival, Sophiensaale, Berlin. The Book of Spaces (Co)
  • Festival Archipel, Geneva. SoundBits (I)


  • Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden, Germany. site specific installation (Ic) 


  • Bundesgartenschau Magdeburg. Intermezzo (Ic)
  • Zagreb Music Biennale, Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art. StillLife (I)
  • Weimar Kulturstadt Europas 1999 within the group exhibition „Licht auf Weimar“. Nachklang (Ic)
  • Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. Solo Exhibition „Works with Sound“. Silent Music, Brunnen, Music for Passageways, Still/Life, Music for Quiet Spaces – later under the title „Silence (Blue)“ (Ec) 




  • In Medias Res, Dolmabahçe Cultural Centre, Istanbul. Brunnen (Ic)
  • World Music Days, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul. Silent Music (I)
  • Donaueschinger Musiktage, Donaueschingen. Landscape I (I)
  • KlangArt, Bocksturm, Osnabrück. Stil Leben (I)



  • Kirschencomplex, Maastricht. Stil Leben (I)
  • Electronic Access, Graz Opera Studio-Stage, Graz. Resonanz (Co)
  • Warsaw Autumn Festival, Warsaw Centre of Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. Silent Music (I)
  • Magiorama ’95, Groningen. Weather Station (I)
  • Klangfenster ’95, Reading room of the Mathematische Fachbibliothek, Technische Universität Berlin. Klangstille (I)
  • “Zwischen-Geräusche(n)”, Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, USE_MEdien HdK Berlin, Bahnhof Westend. Site-specific installation (I)


  • Centro Recherche Musicale, Rom / Schauspielhaus, Berlin / Warsaw Autumn Festival. (Co)
  • Podewil, Berlin. Resonanz (Co)
  • Haus Ungarn, Berlin. Naissances (Co)




  • Inventionen ’91, Akademie der Künste, Berlin. (Co)
  • Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. Soundcatchers (Ic)
  • PanMusic Fest, Seoul. “qu’il m’en souvienne…“ (Co)
  • Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada. Music for Quiet Spaces (Co)
  • Europe Acousmatique, Lyon. „qu’il m’en souvienne…“ (Co)



  • Berlin Kulturstadt Europas 1988. Kongresshalle Berlin (now „Haus der Kulturen der Welt“. Soundwalls (I)


  • Galerie Tangente, Montréal. WIthin the series „Musique à Tangente“. Music for Passageways (I)