Long Lost Bells / Verlorene Glocken

Site specific installation for the sculpture park of the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg. 2 large steel plates with integrated loudspeakers, 2 channel audio and a composition made from recordings of bells permanently damaged in the air raids on Magdeburg during the Second World War. Sounding daily on each hour from 11AM to 10PM Presentations since 2019: Sculpture […]

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Site specific installation for the cloister courtyard of the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg with 42 wall-mounted loudspeakers and 16-channel audio. Purchased by the museum in 2020. Presentations 2017: Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, within “Works with Sound 1984-2019” (permanent since 2021)

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Silent Music (Mariposa)

3 vertical columns, 150 piezo loudspeakers, 3-channel audio Presentations since 2002: Kulturpark Mariposa, Tenerife, Spain (permanent)

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